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> Stretch statement
  for Stretch tatami, Stretch tool and other stretch forms

Stretch is an Autocad function used in digital design to resize the shape of drawn objects, from simple lines and parallelepipeds to spaces and entire buildings. Points and lines that are altered with this tool, drag with them, sometimes unexpectedly, the elements near or connected to them. Thus, the figures and spaces are deformed as if they were flexible.
In physical reality, the Stretch phenomenon occurs with the passage of gravitational waves, which modify the space-time grid. It also occurs near black holes, where the entire space-time grid is deformed because it is attracted to the black hole's mass.
The research reflects on the perception and origin of the geometry of the spaces we inhabit, it reflects on its unconscious deformation and does so through a series of graphic and material exercises.

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+ tape

+ filiforma

dynamic spaces in 2 or 3 dimensions

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