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DAF Struttura

Artissima Experimental Academy

Artissima,fiera d’arte contemporanea, Torino

31/10 - 04/11 2018

curated by Jan St. Werner e Zasha Colah

Sound as an unstable, yet sculptural art form.

DAF Struttura is a light and sound installation that functions as a research and performance environment.

DAF Struttura is composed by Jan St. Werner in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, where he teaches Interactive Media/Dynamic Acoustic Research (DAF). St. Werner will be accompanied by two guest lecturers, Yael Solomonowitz and Marc Matter. There will be additional robotic and light installations by Moritz Simon Geist and Matthias Singer, where the robots and lights work as musical instruments. Various acts of translation (lingual, artistic and curatorial) by Michael Akstaller, Roberto Maria Clemente, and Davide Gambaretto.
Curated by Zasha Colah. DAF Struttura is made possible thanks to the support of the Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT.

curatorial notes

“I invited the electronic music pioneer and innovator, Jan St. Werner, to make a temporary school (based on a dream 4 of us
had shared in 2015 to create an inclusive, experimental school for sound and art in Italy inside a lighthouse) for Artissima. He decided to compose a school as an environment – “struttura”.

Jan started Mouse on Mars in 1993 with Andi Toma, and their work has remained vanguard – a witty hybridising of
electronic genres, mixed sometimes with field recordings and live instrumentation. He has been combining experimentation
in electronic sound, performance and recording, with experiments in pedagogy since he began directing the Institute of Electronic Music in Amsterdam in the 2000s, and in the last 5 years, taught at MIT Michigan, NYU Berlin, and at the Academy of Fine Art Nuremberg. Struttura is built by traveling students from the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts, from sine-wave recycled board, nodding to a grassroots history of experimental school structures that were first hand-built by the students and teachers themselves. Struttura draws on the archived past and present of sound experimentation, to consider complexity, as sustainable, and interconnected.”

“There is a profound relationship between sound, body and space. To explore these concepts, Struttura connects traditional
and theoretical knowledge with hands on experimentation to transcend sound as an unstable yet sculptural art form. We
diffuse and listen to sound in relation to its spatial and technical properties and learn that sound and physical space react with one another in complex ways. We will gain new perspectives on sound, vision and physics. The Struttura collective will explore idiosyncratic production techniques, examine basic principles of acousmatic & experimental research, and invent new strategies for sound presentation and perception. Struttura will host a series of sound  performances as well as an experimental radio programme, and will produce a book.”

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